Jurgen Klopp shows he’s the best manager in England tactically

Liverpool had finally gotten a big one over Manchester City this season. The Reds made sure they completed their first leg 3-0 victory with another resounding 2-1 win at Etihad against Manchester City to book their place in the Champions League semi finals.

This victory was one Liverpool needed to show how they had developed under Klopp as they have finished in the same position-3rd in all his seasons at Anfield. An improvement on that is going further in the champions league by getting to the semi finals of the champions league, a feat the club last achieved 10 years ago.

It breads fresh air at the club that they are getting something right now and it’s with a manager who can stay on the job for a long time.

Jurgen Klopp has shown everyone that he’s the best manger for Liverpool going forward. He has now stake a claim at the fact that despite not winning the premier league yet, his club can brag about defeating City who will be crowned the champions of England three times this season.

It’s an unbelievable record. Going by how Pep Guadiola has been taken as the ball and the entire league, his hope of going the season unbeaten was broken by Liverpool. The 5-0 win over Liverpool early in the season can be argued that it was due to the early sent off of Mane in the game that affected the result. This has shown us that Pep Guadiola is probably not the best tactician in England.

Since his arrival in England and spending on players, he has only managed to defeat Liverpool once which was the defeat this season. It doesn’t surprise many to see that among all the managers that Pep has faced, non has defeated him as much as Klopp did both at Dortmund and City.

A total of seven defeats means Klopp has the best record as a manager against Pep. Klopp problem has been how to make his team focus for a long time and do a league title marathon and not bottle the chance along the line but talking man for man, Klopp trumps Pep.

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