Three talking points from PSG and Real Madrid

Ronaldo is evergreen

Cristiano Ronaldo needs no introduction in this kind of game. He’s the man for the big occasion. The 32 year old rose to the height of the match to help his side earn a deserved 3-1 win at Bernabeu against PSG. The Portuguese star has almost all the champions league record to himself. That is not the real deal here.

The real deal is how he has been able to keep himself at the top of his game this long and influence matches of this magnitude. Both sides played very well on the day but Real were different from PSG only by their final touch which was always coming from Ronaldo. What else can you say about a man that has scored in all the champions league game he has played in this season than call him a phenomenal player.

Neymar needs to mature.

PSG were definitely going to win the French cup this season and the only reason they have massively invested in a squad this good  and buying Neymar for £198m was simply to win the champions league. That is basically his major reason for signing for PSG.

On night like this, Neymar has to leave the showboating and tricks and go for the goals. Always waiting for the opportunity to be touched and go down when he should be up helping defeat the greatest team in the history of the competition.

Unai Emery does not deserve to keep his job at PSG.

After two successful Europa league triumph with Sevilla, PSG felt they have gotten the needed man for their team going forward. That has come out to be false. In his two years at PSG so far, he has failed the biggest test in the team. Player management and tactical ability has not been his strongest weapons so far at PSG. That’s not the kind of manager that will win the champions league for PSG. This Real game only help confirm it and it did not not start it.

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